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Welcome! The screensavers listed below are projects written by amateurs, and are completely free to the public. However they may not be sold individually, and inclusion in collections requires permission of the authors. In some cases the screen savers are designed for a 640x480 screen, but will work on others.

Chaotic Fractals

These screen savers are based on a unique mathematical result that a random number generator and a collection of geometric transformations can be used to produce virtually any fractal. THE PATTERNS ARE NOT PROGRAMMED INTO THE SCREENSAVER!

Sierpinski's Triangle (640x480) - Four copies of Sierpinski's famous triangle. Within each triangle are three smaller triangles. And each smaller triangle is another Sierpinski triangle.

Sierpinski's Triangle (800x600) - Same as above, but for an 800x600 screen.

Sierpinski's Carpet (640x480) - One large carpet composed of eight exact copies of itself.

Sierpinski's Carpet (800x600) - Same as above, but for an 800x600 screen.

Fern Leaf (800x600) - A random number generated fractal resembling a fern branch. It is drawn in random shades of green.

Heighway's Dragon (800x600) - This pattern cannot truly be described, it must be seen. This one can also be produced by bending a straight line at a right angle, and then repeating for every line between bends.

Koch Coastline (800x600) - The famous coastline generated by random numbers.

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