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The problems listed on this page are taken from a variety of books, as well as recommedations from my loyal followers. The subjects vary depending on what people suggest and respond to. Solutions tend to follow after a certain number of people have viewed it, though I may change the problems depending upon my free time. There are no prizes, except for the knowledge that you have solved a problem that has puzzled others:


Problem 3 (Mathematics)

The millionaire of Problem 2 is crazier than you first thought. He has a weight for each 1/3 of a gram (1/3 , 2/3, 3/3, 4/3, ...) up to a kilogram. He still wants to be able to weigh the same quantities after you take some of the weights. Which weights should you leave the eccentric man?

Problem 4 (Physics)

Five stuntmen are riding upon a large sled across an icy pond. In the center of the pond is a hole exactly the same size as the sled, and the stuntmen are travelling towards it at near the speed of light. When they reach the hole, a man standing beside the hole hits the sled with a sledgehammer to drive it into the hole. According to the stuntmen, the hole decreases in length due to the effects of special relativity, and thus they slide over and do not fall in. But the man standing beside the hole sees the length of the sled decrease due to relativity, and so the sled slips easily into the hole. Clearly the stuntmen or the hammer man cannot both be right, so what happens?

Problem 5 (Physics)

While at the fair, you decide to try your luck at one of the game booths. In one booth, there is a heavy ball suspended from the roof by a string, and directly below the attachment point is a pile of milk cans. The object of the game is to throw the ball such that it passes beside the cans and then hits them from behind.  Although it seems simple, winning is impossible unless you know the physics behind the game. How can you win this game?

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