Hi I'm autotheist.

I am a physicist by training, and a mathematician for fun, and I hold degrees in both fields. Within these pages you will find everything you ever wanted to know about physics.
The purpose of this web page is to produce a single location where anyone with an interest in science, specifically those interested in physics and mathematics, can read about various theories, find interesting problems in basic physics, and purchase reviewed books and software of a scientific nature.  

Bondi K-Calculus-A simple derivation of special relativity. It is so simple, even students in elementary school can understand it!

Simple Mysteries of Physics  - Most problems in modern physics require a lot of education to understand. This page lists the interesting bits that have deep meaning but require no background!

*NEW* Unsolved Problems - A collection of seemingly simple mathematics problems
which remain unsolved.

Grandiloquent Dictionary-If you get tired of reading science pages, try this link listing 2000 unusual words. (You might actually use one of these words someday)

Coming Eventually:

Physics Forum - Where you can ask physics related questions and discuss modern theories

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